Water Saving, Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting, rain collecting, rain saving, you can call it what you like. It all amounts to saving rain water for use in the garden or other things (like washing your car or filling a pond), and saving the use of tap water.

With rising water bills and more drought conditions and hosepipe bans abound, now is the time to start collecting and using the free water you can collect from the rain. It has many benefits:

  • Entirely free!
  • Environmently friendly
  • No added chemicals like chlorine, chloramines, ammonia etc which are harmful to fish and some plants

With the Hall’s Rainsaver gutter kit, it has never been easier to start collecting rainwater for use in the garden or allotment.

Unlike other rain saving solutions out there, the Hall’s Rainsaver was originally designed to be repositionable.

This means with just one 6ft kit you can easily fill up four or more water containers around your shed for the most efficient collection of rainwater possible.

Whats more, the design means it can be fitted in seconds with just common sense knowledge, without any tools. You don’t need to be a DIY expert to fit it!

Save water by the butt load with the Hall’s Rainsaver. Buy your Hall’s Rainsaver Shed Gutter Kit today!







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