Universal Shed Compatibility

The Halls Rainsaver movable gutter kit will fit the vast majority of the sheds and similar buildings found in typical gardens and allotments. By attaching to the edge of the roof line, the patented brackets automatically aligns the gutter for collection of rainwater – there’s no need to build extra material onto your shed because normal brackets won’t reach the roof edge. Simply tighten the clamps, fine tune the position of the gutter and you’re all set for rainwater harvesting!

It fits longer sheds too – ok the basic 6ft kit won’t go right to the edges but thats one reason why the Rainsaver is so versatile – you can still save over 400 gallons of water on average per year (800 gallons or more on larger 12ft sheds due to the greater roof area to the apex) by repositioning the gutter to fill multiple butts next to one another without need for water butt links (or just moving the flexible pipe if that’s your desire!)

Longer Lengths

Whilst the original intention of the Rainsaver was a single kit that could be moved, we also sell 8, 10, 12 ft Shed Gutter Kits and additional mini guttering components for our customers if the aim is to run guttering along a full length.

To help understand the mechanism we’ve drawn some rough side and face-on views of the clamp mounted to various shed types. The gutter is not shown but you can see where it slides in lengthways (allows rotation within the bracket so it can be kept horizontal and the downpipe to drop straight down or positioned according to requirements).

The three main types of shed roof styles are (the product isn’t limited just to shed roofs either – almost any sloping surface will work!):

Roof overhang without batten (side on and face-on perspective):

Rainsaver on shed roof with overhang, no batten


Roof overhang with batten (side on and face-on perspective):

Rainsaver on shed roof with batten


Roof overhang with batten close to wall (side on and face-on perspective):

Rainsaver on shed roof with close batten

As you can see the design of the patented Hall’s Rainsaver bracket cleverly allows adjustment of both thickness and angle of roof, whilst also allowing the gutter to rotate and maintain an optimal position for collecting the water dripping off the edge of the roof!

The bracket will fit sheds and outbuilding roofs up to a maximum clamping depth of 76mm (3″). The minimum depth is 8mm (but can always be packed out if needed to clamp down to thinner materials).

3 Responses to Universal Shed Compatibility

  1. Mike Paddy -

    September 12, 2012 at 8:54 am


    I have a Skinners apex shed which has a piece of shiplap boarding attached to the overlap of the roof will your guttering still fit?

    • Clive Cheeseman -

      June 5, 2013 at 8:06 pm

      I have Skinners workshop and have had the same problem. The shiplap attached to the edge of the shed roof is 5 inches in depth. Behind this the edge of the roof is 2 1/2 inches deep so it doesn’t leave much of a margin to work within the maximum 3 inch that the brackets will open. I tried Wickes but the only sizes of wood I could find were either too wide or too small and therefore resorted to cutting the shiplap in half. It does work.

  2. jackie gilleland -

    June 28, 2012 at 10:54 am

    It seems exactly what I require but the length of my shed is 2.4 m – do you supply longer strips or is there another way round this problem. Thank you

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