Compare the alternative: DIY guttering

DIY Bought components for a 6ft building:

1 x 2m Gutter, £4.80
1 x 2m Downpipe, £6.76
2 x fascia bracket, £4.18
1 x stop-end, £1.89
1 x stop-end outlet, £4.49

Total: £22.12 + more *

Plus screws, battens, retaining clips, cutting and fitting – £??.??

  • Technical installation with DIY know-how required
  • May not even be possible in some cases on large overhangs
  • Permanent and inflexible – doesn’t allow for moving for filling multiple containers


1 x Hall’s Rainsaver Gutter Kit, from £33.96

  • Fit in seconds, with pre-cut sectioned kits to fit various lengths available
  • No tools required
  • No cutting or technical DIY knowledge needed
  • No wasted off cuts – friendly to the environment
  • Universal patented bracket fits many different roof styles without fuss to 3″ deep
  • Repositionable on any length shed allows filling of multiple containers
  • Bespoke flexible downpipe option that can bend round corners


Visit the Hall’s Rainsaver home page to learn more and Order your Hall’s Rainsaver Gutter Kit today!

* source: B&Q for a 6ft side – larger buildings will cost much more due to additional components required

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