Compare the alternative: Rain Diverter

Rainwater diverters or Rain diverters seem simple in theory, however many people report issues in fitting them. As well as placing a water butt next to your house when the water is more likely needed in the garden, several issues may be of concern:

  • A rain diverter needs to be at the correct height for your water butt or container or it will not work properly
  • Permanent cutting of a section of downpipe is required to fit a rainwater diverter – and by the correct amount
  • Additional work may be required to support the downpipe once the diverter is fitted
  • A hole is required to be cut out of water butt, more tools and DIY
  • When the water butt is full, excess water is wasted
  • The water butt cannot be relocated without replacing a section of downpipe
  • Possibly unsightly and not pleasing to the eye


Alternatively with the Hall’s Rainsaver you can:

  • Keep your water butt in the garden where it is best utilised
  • Fit in seconds without any tools, or any permanent alterations to existing guttering, unlike a rain diverter
  • Move the gutter or flexible pipe to fill more butts when one is full, for increased water saving


Most cheap diverters are only designed for high flow rates from household roofs – they collect water around the edge of downpipe and majority of water goes straight past. We don’t recommend trying to fit a diverter to one of our kits for this reason – it’s much easier with our flexible pipe to cut a suitable hole in the lid of a water with a sharp knife and collect all the water that way.. Any runoff can be managed by attaching a 2nd tap/outlet and hosepipe or similar hole at the top of the water butt if overflowing is not desired.

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