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Introducing... The Innovative... Versatile... Revolutionary...
Hall's Rainsaver.

The world's first and easiest movable guttering system for any size shed.

No cutting, sawing, drilling or screwing required. Just place over your favourite water butt or container and begin saving water today!

Simple to attach with our patented one-handed clamps, no tools required.
Watch the simple shed gutter installation video now!

If you want to save water, you really want a Hall's Rainsaver!

Save money, fill multiple containers
Water saving, harvesting, collection
Perfect for allotments
Benefits the environment
So simple to install, you could do it blindfolded!
No complicated mess, no fuss.

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Everything but the butt!

Our unique kits provide everything you need to begin saving rainwater, except the butt.

Or that should really say butts, since you can move the Rainsaver kit to fill additional containers all around your shed. Save a shedload of water!

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The award winning simple solution for garden building guttering...

  • Innovative shed guttering installs in an instant - no tools or expertise required
  • It's universal - fits any shed* or similar garden building, sizes from 4ft - 20ft
  • It's unique - specially designed brackets take standard 3" (76mm) mini guttering
  • It's movable - fill multiple water containers with just one Rainsaver Gutter Kit
  • Collect the rainwater where it is needed (in the garden or allotment)
  • Environmentally friendly - save gallons and gallons of water
  • The versatile, cost effective guttering and rainwater saving solution
  • Five year guarantee and available in multiple kit sizes or just the brackets
  • New flexible downpipe option enables water to be piped round corners, almost anywhere!

... or indeed practically any sloping surface around the house or garden!

* fits up to 3" deep fascia

Did you know a 6ft shed can collect on average 1,818 litres of water per year per side of the roof? That's over 400 gallons of water available to be harvested for free - double that for both sides of the shed!

See how easily the Hall's Rainsaver installs in this short video clip...

Don't just take our word for it...

“Although I’d heard about this product, I was stupid enough and impatient enough to go ahead and purchase regular guttering one Saturday when we were at the local Jewson’s. What a nightmare that turned out to be! I gave up and wrote off the cost of that, and instead ordered the 12 foot rainsaver kit. It arrived within 48 hours and was up and on the shed within an hour. Fantastic product.”
R. Povall, Devon

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Collect clean, environmentally friendly rain water for free, directly in the garden and save money on tap water bills. A garden building is the ideal place for a rain saver.


The Hall's Rainsaver easy fit gutter kits include everything you need, but the butts!

Rain diverter kit for water saving

6ft - Pre-cut length of gutter with stop-end outlet, pre-cut length of downpipe, stop-end and two Hall's Rainsaver brackets.

Watch the prototype Hall's Rainsaver in action...

Multiple Butt Capability without additional components.

The repositionable Rainsaver Gutter Kit can make filling up multiple water containers easy. Without any tools, loosen the brackets and place around the other side of the shed or simply slide off and back on the other way round so the downspout is at the opposite end, or slide along to fill another water barrel. Even unclipping the downpipe and swapping ends is easy as everything is hand-fit. Fill a shedload of butts with buttloads of water.

Water Butts for Rainwater

So simple. So effective.

On larger sheds, longer guttering kits are in our shop, or for just rain saving you can use the 6ft standard kit - just loosen the brackets and move along to fill up more rainwater containers - the Rainsaver does not need to fit the whole roof length to collect gallons and gallons of water!

As standard 75mm mini guttering is used, extending the length is straightforward (we sell spare parts) or for really long sheds you could even utilise two Rainsaver gutter kits to fill two butts at the same time.

The sturdy rainwater collection system withstood the very strong winds and heavy weather during initial product testing in winter 2011/12.

Universal - fits the majority of sheds, summer houses, garages, etc (any length overhang, fascia depth from 8 to 76mm - 1/3" to 3"), check yours for compatibility here

Read more about this great new rain saving product via the links on the above left. Nobody else makes an easier fit rain saver gutter kit.


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Hall's Rainsaver Mini Guttering Brackets also available separately from £6.40 each inc P&P (in a 5-pack)

See the Hall's Rainsaver Online Shop for the full range of accessories.

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Registered Designs #4028783, 4028784, UK Pat. No 2509850 and Worldwide Patents Pending

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