Watering the chickens

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We love to hear how our invention is put to good use, so when we found out that rainwater was being saved to water chickens we just had to discover more!

A customer in Pontefract has used one of their Rainsaver Kits (with flexible downpipe add-on) in order to collect water for their livestock. Of particular benefit, it no longer means running a long hosepipe all over the garden from the farmhouse to supply water for the chickens!

Another, longer Rainsaver was extended and used to collect water from a greenhouse.

They have kindly shared some photographs:




… If you have any photographs you’d like to share, please send them into us via email or share them on our Facebook page!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Xmas Gutter

We hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy and prosperous 2014!

Please note our UK Christmas and New Year delivery schedule.

For Kits, last time to order for delivery before Christmas is 1pm on 23rd December.

Orders received after 1pm on 23rd December will be delivered by Monday 30th December.

Orders received by 1pm on 31st December will be delivered by Friday 3rd January 2014.

NB Smaller orders, sent out via Royal Mail first class will likely take longer during the Christmas period.

New flexible pipe for larger downpipes

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By popular demand we have now sourced some larger (70mm inside diameter) flexible pipe which is suitable to go over 68mm round household downpipe. A suitable method of fixing (large jubilee clip etc) will be required.

Orders can be placed in our online shop : Larger flexible downpipe for guttering

If any other length is required (up to 10m, please get in touch and we can provide a custom quote).

August Rainsaver Survey Winner

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champagneCongratulations go to Lisa Standing of Bridgend for winning a refund of her purchase at hallsrainsaver.com!

Lisa uses her Rainsaver on a metal shed at the allotment and to stop the ground from being saturated in the winter. Good stuff!

Remember, each month subject to qualifying entrants we are entering survey respondents into a prize draw for a chance to win their money back. Enter the Rainsaver Survey here.


Art Studio Guttering (video from a customer)

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We recently sold a ‘bespoke Hall’s Rainsaver kit’ for a new customer, Mr Gainham in Dunlop, Ayrshire, who had bought conventional guttering from a local DIY store but had to return it as it wouldn’t be able to do what was required due to various aspects of his 20ft building. We were pleased to accept the order and supplied the lengths of guttering, Rainsaver brackets, union connectors, flexible downpipes etc and was delivered the next working day.

Positive feedback was received almost immediately after delivery with the rear side guttering already installed and we supplied another couple of parts (running outlets) to complete the project to the customer’s requirements.

Mr Gainham has since posted a video to our Facebook page with the completed guttering attached, for which we are very grateful.

Please see below, or click the following link for the Facebook post : Art Studio Guttering Installation


Bendy Downpipe!

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Announcing our latest product – the Hall’s Rainsaver Flexible Downpipe!

bendypipetobutt2This innovation has been quietly developed for a while now – it has been quite a task trying to source pipe of suitable characteristics (diameter, flexibility, weight, colour, outdoor use), and a clamp that not only works with the pipe but is easy to fit without tools like our other products.

Having evaluated countless options we are finally there, with another product we can be proud of which hopefully makes life even easier, giving more flexibility to our guttering solution for garden buildings!


The pipe comes with a hand-tightened wire clamp that simply grips onto the stop-end outlet in lieu of the existing 1m rigid downpipe in the Rainsaver Gutter Kit, and is flexible and lightweight enough to bend round corners.

Various lengths are available from 1m to 3m, please see the following link to be taken directly to the shop product page.

Flexible Downpipe for Guttering


Registered Designs #4028783, 4028784, UK Pat. No 2509850 and Worldwide Patents Pending