How to order Flexible Kits with longer downpipes

A number of customers have requested a way to order larger length flexible kits. We haven’t done this simply because it creates far too many products and confusion in the systems; additionally the way we package up the kits means it is difficult to achieve – the longer pipes won’t fit inside the guttering kit and therefore require separate packaging.

However for any customer requiring a longer downpipe kit, the easiest answer is simply to have a coupon code to remove the 1m flexible pipe component of the kit during checkout.

Example: Order a 10ft flexible pipe kit with a 2m flexible pipe instead of 1m

Add the kit and flexible pipe lengths required to your shopping cart, e.g.

qty 1 x  Hall’s Rainsaver Gutter Kit with 1m Flexible Pipe (10ft)

qty 1 x  57mm Flexible downpipe with clamp for Hall’s Rainsaver Kits (2m)

and then at the checkout page, enter coupon code KITWITHOUTFLEX1, and it will remove and discount the cost of the 1m flexible pipe from the order. If you are buying two kits, use code KITWITHOUTFLEX2.

For any more than 2 kits, please give us a call! Unfortunately with the current system this also means you can’t use another discount at the same time.

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