Independent Review of Hall’s Rainsaver

We were recently invited to send a sample of our Guttering Kit product to John Coupe, a professional in the constuction industry who offered to conduct an independent review on his website ‘Secrets of shed building’. We are pleased to share the findings!

Some quotes: “Installing the shed guttering system is as easy as it promises. The guttering is delivered well protected in a cardboard box with all of the parts securely taped together.”

“A quick look at cost of the system shows that it is not vastly more expensive than installing conventional guttering and it is a lot easier than trying to adapt a house guttering system”

“Like the Dyson Vacuum cleaner this is successful fusion of two existing technologies.”

The review can be found at the link here:  Can shed guttering really be installed in less than 5 minutes, by a complete beginner?

Many thanks to John for his time and honest review of our product.


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