Gardener’s Water Butt Conundrum

When the weather dries up, and hosepipe bans are implemented, thoughts turn to “if only I had a water butt my life could be easier right now”… But then if the weather is dry, it doesn’t rain, it won’t fill will it? So it gets left as a thought to disappear into the distant avenues of time.

But then when the weather changes, and it starts raining heavily, thoughts change. “Well it’s raining now and the garden is getting a good soaking so perhaps I don’t need a water butt just yet!”.

So then the weather dries up again and the thought process turns again.

The real situation is of course, if a water butt and method to collect rainwater was acquired regardless of what the weather was doing at the time, planning ahead rather than being in the moment, life would have been easier when the weather had dried up in the first place.

So buying a water saving solution when you don’t think it is needed – even in winter when gardening is the last thing on the mind – enables water to be stored for use when dry spells do occur.

Think of it like the alternator in a car, power is needed to start the car but then once its running, it doesn’t matter if the battery is now too low to start it again, since the car is running right now isn’t it? Well thats only true until it stops. So the alternatior recharges the battery so it is ready for the next start – just like a water butt fills with water (recharges) when you probably don’t need it! But you will have it for when you do.

Hall’s Rainsaver offers a unique solution that allows recharging of more than one water butt around a garden or allotment shed without any complex installation, and permits many gallons of water to be stored for those times it really is needed.

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