Does the Hall’s Rainsaver fit Keter Plastic Sheds?

Yes, indeed many customers have these type of sheds and have installed the Halls Rainsaver Kit in seconds. One example is below. Image of 6×4 Keter Plastic Shed courtesy of G. Ferguson, Sale

However we understand that the Keter Artisan is not capable of guttering due to having no suitable overhang.

Hall's Rainsaver and Water Butt on Keter 6x4 ShedIn some exceptional cases depending on the plastic or construction used on certain individual Keter sheds, the roof surface may be very shiny which can cause the brackets to slip.

In these cases we recommend the use of a bit of non-slip matting (like the rolls that can be bought for car dashboard/kitchen surface/drawer liner) between the bracket and roof to provide extra grip.

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