How much water can I save with the Hall’s Rainsaver?

Data sourced via the Met Office courtesy TORRO, states the average UK yearly rainfall between 1910 and 2012 is 1091mm (1.091 cu m of water per sq m).

This means half a 6 foot shed roof (6ft x 3ft area, 1.66sq m) can collect, on average, 1,818 litres of water (that’s over 400 gallons) a year!

Since the Rainsaver is movable, you can fill up one butt, and move the Rainsaver to fill up another butt.

On larger sheds, such as a 12 x 10 foot shed, the roof area captured by a single 6ft Rainsaver is approx 6ft x 6ft area, equating to around 3,648 litres of water, over 800 gallons a year on average, double that if full length kit and 4 times that if both sides are kitted up!

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