Art Studio Guttering (video from a customer)

We recently sold a ‘bespoke Hall’s Rainsaver kit’ for a new customer, Mr Gainham in Dunlop, Ayrshire, who had bought conventional guttering from a local DIY store but had to return it as it wouldn’t be able to do what was required due to various aspects of his 20ft building. We were pleased to accept the order and supplied the lengths of guttering, Rainsaver brackets, union connectors, flexible downpipes etc and was delivered the next working day.

Positive feedback was received almost immediately after delivery with the rear side guttering already installed and we supplied another couple of parts (running outlets) to complete the project to the customer’s requirements.

Mr Gainham has since posted a video to our Facebook page with the completed guttering attached, for which we are very grateful.

Please see below, or click the following link for the Facebook post : Art Studio Guttering Installation


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