Shed guttering kit for metal and plastic sheds

Fitting shed guttering to metal or plastic sheds has never been easier than with Hall’s Rainsaver guttering brackets.


Worried about voiding your metal or plastic shed warranty?

There are many customers with metal shed guttering from Hall’s Rainsaver. Likewise customers prefer to fit our guttering to keter plastic sheds as no screws or drill holes are necessary, therefore avoiding warranty problems.


Is shed guttering easy to fit on metal and plastic sheds?

Fitting our brackets to metal or plastic sheds is simple as long as there’s a suitable edge. The bracket clamps onto the edge, without tools, although often if the edge is very thin, some packing material may be necessary.

Similarly if the surface is very slick/shiny then use some grip material (like anti-slip matting often used on car dashboards and kitchen surfaces). This works well to enable the guttering brackets clamp to the edge without sliding off.

Plastic Shed Guttering Metal Shed GutteringKeter Shed Guttering
















The above photos show keter sheds and a metal shed with our gutter brackets installed. In these cases there were also some lips available to help grip to, although we have also had customers successfully make use of anti-slip material where needed.

Please note however the Keter Artisan does not work as there is no suitable overhang for guttering.

Purchase the kit or brackets to fit your shed guttering

Brackets and Kits (with Rigid or Flexible downpipes) are available in our Online Shop

For those preferring to get their own guttering and fittings, any standard 75/76mm (3″ mini) half round guttering can be used with our guttering brackets. There are two sizes of flexible pipe to fit either our Rainsaver kits (using 57mm flex pipe) or there’s the 51mm flexible pipe that fits the often narrower 50mm outside diameter pipes sold at the big DIY outlets.


So whether you have a new or old metal or plastic shed, it’s not generally hard to fit guttering to it, and save water for the garden where it is needed! Why wait, fit it now!

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