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My kit arrived on the day as promised, and was installed in 20 mins. It would have been less, but I wanted to either fit the diverter that came with my water butt, or work out a way of fitting the flexible pipe to the butt with the lid on. The only tool I ended up using was a Stanley knife to cut a hole in the edge of the lid to fit the flexi pipe through. And I like the option to be able to move the water butt from one end of the shed to the other, or round the corner, depending on where I find it easiest to use.

Brilliant product, just as described, excellent sales service and so glad I found it.

Steph, Ashton-under-Lyne

The shed refurbishment is complete but now for the awkward job of fitting some form of guttering!

Surfed the net and found your product advertisement and placed our order, which arrived in double quick time and was installed as suggested quickly and without problems.

I am now sat in the conservatory with a thunderstorm overhead watching the guttering being well and truly christened !!!

Many thanks for producing such a well thought out product which certainly gets my vote of approval.

Robert, Doncaster

I have now completed the 20ft x 10ft art studio that I have been making for my wife over the last few months and I just wanted to thank Keith et all at H.R. for all their help. The H.R. kit is amazingly flexible and customizable – that combined with Keith’s invaluable pre-planning help prior to ordering meant that the kit fitted the bespoke studio brilliantly.

The two flexible down pipes on the left hand side of the studio feed into two slimline water butts which sit on a ledge.The left butt siphons into the right hand butt or can save rainwater and the right butt can either flow into the adjacent field or be saved. I cannot recommend the H.R. kit enough, it is easy to install and customise and with any pre-planning advice needed it is invaluable to any outside building in need of guttering/rainsaving.

The best part though? – it’s the product of a British family run business.

Keith Gainham, Kilmarnock

I have been trying to obtain guttering for my plastic shed for a while with little success then I came across this system on the internet,I spoke to Keith who allayed any concerns I had,it was delivered next day and fitted within minutes,straight away it was saving water,what a great product

Mr Salmon, Stoke-on-Trent

Well, I have it all installed and it works a treat. Great product. Happy customer! Received my package to Ireland in good time, installed easily and working straight away. Thank you! Your product has great potential for growth in Ireland at the moment as the government is introducing domestic water charges from January 2015.

Andy, Ireland

Thank you for the speedy delivery of my clamps, next day!

I had the guttering on my new shed up and running in about 5 mins and no tools required. I think you have a wonderful product and I wish you every success.

Richard, Isle of Wight

I just got an allotment and the Rainsaver products are so quick and easy to put up, it’s just ideal, and I’ve two more for the shed in our garden… put it up yesterday and looking good just need to get a nice pic, the sun was in the way. It’s a great piece of kit, I would recommend it to anyone.  The fact I keep coming back to buy more products speaks for itself.

Chris Chappell, Basingstoke

I saw this looking at guttering on ‘tinternet’ for my 16ft workshop on Tuesday 22 April. It did work out a bit more expensive than the traditional way but I thought, what the heck, give it a go.

So one telephone call to Keith the owner who was very helpful, to discuss my order, I placed the order at 12.30 Tuesday.
Next day I was holding a box containing my new guttering. So far so good.
Thursday morning, open the box, goods very well packed and presented. So, to the task of installation and set up.

One word….WOW! Honestly, less than 15 minutes from open box to install, set up and test with hosepipe on roof with perfect end result.

Keith, brilliant product mate. I will order again for the other side. Yes, it does on the surface seem a lot but for ease of fit, time saved and if I need to move it for painting etc, it works for me.

All best

Andy, Swindon

This clever piece of kit saved my bacon.  With days to  go  before a new arteficial lawn  was to  go down I realised the run off from the shed roof would ruin it.  Having bought the 12ft Hall Shed gutter I then bought a barrel butt for use with a  rain diverter, only to  find the only mini gutter diverter was from  flowplast, and used a slightly different downpipe size.  Luckily the gutter size was the same. So  the whole downpipe system  from  top to  botton is from  flowplast.  A very neat solution

John Russell, Wirral

Saw your product on United Utilities web site, it was just what I needed, quick and easy to install. I was thrilled with the speedy delivery. Having just had a water meter fitted this helps with our water saving. Can’t believe that somebody has come up with something so simple and efficient. Thank you.

Susan Whittle
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